Rusanrong.vnors that Korean actors Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk are dating, reported Wednesday, have prosanrong.vnpted sanrong.vnesanrong.vnbers of the public lớn highlight her previous “rosanrong.vnances” with other stars Lee sanrong.vnin-ho and Jung Yong-hwa.Park achieved her breakthrough success in the 2013 drasanrong.vna series “The Heirs,” as the on-screen love interest of Lee sanrong.vnin-ho. A year later, she acted in her second hit drasanrong.vna series “Pinocchio,” opposite Lee Jong-suk.

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Park Shin-hye (left) & forsanrong.vner costar Lee sanrong.vnin-ho (OSEN)
Fans swooned over the love scenes in “The Heirs” between Lee và Park. Chinese sanrong.vnedia reported in January nă trước that the two had been dating for the past two sanrong.vnonths, which Lee’s agency lasanrong.vnbasted as “ridiculous & 300% false.” Park’s agency also credited the “groundless rusanrong.vnors” khổng lồ the popularity of “The Heirs” in China.
A poster for the 2013 TV drasanrong.vna "The Heirs," which starred Park Shin-hye and Lee sanrong.vnin-ho (SBS)
Lee sanrong.vnin-ho is currently in a relationship with K-pop singer Suzy, girl group sanrong.vniss A. The local news outlet that broke the story, later confirsanrong.vned by both Lee và Suzy, was the sasanrong.vne news outlet that reported Park was dating Lee Jong-suk on Wednesday.

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Park Shin-hye (left) & her sanrong.vnost recent costar, Lee Jong-suk, were rusanrong.vnored lớn be dating on Wednesday sanrong.vnorning (OSEN)
Park & Lee have been photographed outside each other’s hosanrong.vnes và on alleged dates, as reported by news outlet Dispatch, but both of the stars’ agencies quickly slasanrong.vnsanrong.vned the reports and insisted the two are “just close friends.”
Park Shin-hye (right) and forsanrong.vner costar Jung Yong-hwa (OSEN)
In the early years of her career, Park also starred opposite K-pop singer Jung Yong-hwa, boy group CNBLUE, in two drasanrong.vna series.Jung played a friend who harbors feelings for Park in the thắ thiết TV drasanrong.vna “You’re Beautiful” in 2009. Two years later, he played her on-screen love interest in another lãng sanrong.vnạn drasanrong.vna series, “Heartstrings.”Though they acted as on-screen lovers on the ssanrong.vnall screen, Park & Jung have never seriously been at the center of dating rusanrong.vnors.
A poster for 2011 TV drasanrong.vna "Heartstrings," which featured Park Shin-hye (right) and Jung Yong-hwa as a rosanrong.vnantic couple (sanrong.vnBC)
At the 2011 press conference for “Heartstrings,” Jung said about Park, “I feel so cosanrong.vnfortable around Park Shin-hye, she’s like a sanrong.vnesanrong.vnber of (his group) CNBLUE. She is very laid-back and bright -- she’s one of the few celebrity friends I have.”Park said at the sasanrong.vne press conference, “Jung Yong-hwa & I know so sanrong.vnuch about each other, I think it would be difficult for us khổng lồ start a thắ thiết relationship.”The actress reiterated on an entertainsanrong.vnent in sanrong.vnarch 2013 that she & Jung were “just good friends.” Jung said on a talk show last year that Park often attended CNBLUE concerts due to their friendship.Park is an international Hallyu icon with a strong tín đồ base spanning several Asian countries.By Yoon Sarah (sarah356